Thursday, May 23, 2013


Slowing getting back to riding.  Left knee was injured prior to Trans Iowa digging up a bush in my front yard.  What a way to get hurt.  It's not been easy to take it easy.  I'm a terribly impatient patient.  Took almost two full weeks off the bike after Trans Iowa.  Was able to commute a couple of times, but knew I wasn't ready shortly after taking off for work.

The knee is still "not normal", but the pain is getting better.  Hoping to be good to go for DK next weekend.  If not, oh well.  Just gonna hafta grit it out.


Kevin Collings said...

Hope your knee is fully recovered for next week man. I'll be at cp2 cheering you guys on, sure you'll be right up at the front like last year :)
We have those same purple flowers popping up everywhere along KS gravel roads too. Makes for awesome scenery.

MG said...

Was good to see you out on the road yesterday, buddy.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and I'll see ya' at the Kanza.


Guitar Ted said...

Hope that clears up soon, Cornbread. That's a bummer. Love the purple flowers, by the way. Thanks for posting those.