Sunday, July 01, 2012

Odin's Revenge

Big thanks to Chad, Matt, Bob and the rest of the Odin's Revenge promoters.  The first half of the course was beautiful.  Next year I plan on seeing the whole thing.  Congrats to Mike Marchand for taking the win and MG for his second place finish.  Congrats to all the Sheclismo riders for their gutsy performances.  Big high five to Mike Johnson for finishing!  Stoked to hear you made it all the way!

Definitely be back again next year for this event.  Put it on your calendar folks.  There's nothing else like this around.  You will not be disappointed. 

6 AM start with 25 riders ready to roll out

 And we're off!

 Hey, Aaron!

 It was humid

 Lots of "Wow" moments during the ride


 MG likes the bridge


 Sweet, sweet sandy MMR

 Really fast gravel


 Big ups and big downs

 Yep, bango at checkpoint one! Thanks, Paul!

 Big climb!

 Travel companions - thanks Mike and Matt!

 Beautiful scenery everywhere

 Hilltop MMR


I need a lasso

1 comment:

MG said...

Thanks Cornbread,

It was great to ride with you during the first 98 miles of the race. I wish we'd have had you for the second leg as well, but honestly, you were in it for the most fun part of the day... That was awesome! I'm glad you got some photos, because I didn't get anything... Not even a phone camera shot. Dang.

Thanks again my friend. What a fun weekend!