Friday, May 25, 2012

Almanzo Royal - It was a hot and windy good time!

The city of Spring Valley has really embraced the Almanzo riders - Thank you Spring Valley!

The man with the plan - Chris Skogen 

A simple thank you would not suffice to express my gratitude to Chris for organizing such a wonderful event.  Nothing but positive vibes the entire time we were in Spring Valley.  The Almanzo weekend has become a big event for the small town of Spring Valley. 
Riders lined up for the Royal start at 7 AM

The Royal had less than 50 starters this year with the 100 miler boasting over 500 starters.  I guess we're masochists. 

The Salsa crew was upfront and ready to roll (Sean, Jason and Joe) sportin' the sharp new kits

And we're off!  

Two fine Iowans - Dennis and Mike


It was already 70 degrees at the start....

The field had plenty of fast and experienced gravel aficionados

A lot of different bike setups at the event.  It's always fun to compare and learn something new.

Double pace linin' it

Dennis, Randleman and Charlie!

Beautiful curvy gravel roads around Spring Valley.  Definitely the best gravel scenery around.  I love this event!

Sean Mailen, eventual winner of the Royal, doing something...

Love this valley!

Charles!  Lots of good buddies on the ride!

Post break crew...down to five.

Refuel and we're off again...I ended up drinking close to 400 ounces of fluids...crazy.

Linking back up with the Almanzo 100 riders....yeah, those are fatbikes!

Ran into Lis too!  Great job, Lis!  Nice War Axe!

Huge climb on Oriole Road - most folks walked this including myself


Anonymous said...

awesome pics, don't know if i woud have had the energy to even take out the camera.

great riding with you for 9+ hours! hopefully see you in grand marais. Ted

Cornbread said...

Hey Ted!

Great riding with you at Almanzo. Hopefully I'll see you later this year at the Grand Marais. That sounds like a really good time.

Congrats on the finish at Almanzo!