Friday, April 27, 2012

Trans Iowa V8 on the docket for this weekend!

Trans Iowa V8 is already here and I still haven't finished my TI V7 post from last year.  Well, maybe I'll try to get to that tonight after the rider meeting and before getting a couple of hours of shut eye.  The Lincoln crew (Aaron Schee, Aaron Gammel - support, Bruce, Wills, Gersib - support/checkpoint staff, Troy, Biggs, myself and Omaha bruthas, Rafal and Eric) will be getting up around 2 AM tomorrow morning to prepare for the 4 AM start. 

 Peanut buttery

The forecast is looking dreary.  Rain most likely at the start and through most of the morning.  It's currently raining in Grinnell and more is expected to fall throughout the night.  We are anticipating "wet peanut butter" gravel conditions...very similar to last year's start. 

It's gonna be epic!

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Anzalone said...

Congrats on another TI finish! Sounded epic from what GTed talked about.