Monday, February 20, 2012

Finally got the Garmin connected

Thanks to my buddy, Gerald Hart, for the hook up on the Garmin Edge 800. This is my first experience with a GPS device and it has been overwhelmingly positive. I've been very pleased with the Edge 800. Very reliable, durable and functional. Thanks again, Gerald!

I've had the Garmin for almost a year, but hadn't gone online to view my activities via Garmin Connect until this morning. I couldn't sleep, so I figured I might as well get up and figure this thing out. There were several rides stored in the memory including the Almanzo Royal 162, Dirty Kanza and Gravel Worlds. I also thought I had the Ponca Ride, but was unable to find it. Bummer.


Tim Ek said...

I just got an 800, but I'm too scared to figure it out.

Cornbread said...

I plan on calling my buddy, Gerald Hart, to help me out. If you have any questions, let me know, Eki!

MG said...

Man, you lucky guy... I've wanted one of those. Gerald's a good man!

Congrats... Hope you had fun on your trip. Will look foward to hearing about it.