Sunday, January 15, 2012

The weekend!

Saturday - D Street Indoor century

Saturday the PCL crew and associates completed an indoor century at D Street (aka the D Street Hotel, Dirtbag Mansion, the bike house, etc). This indoor century was a bit different from most. We didn't ride rollers or trainers. We actually rode bicycles in a dynamic fashion. And we rode in a figure 8 between the living and dining rooms. The dining room had a pool table to navigate while the living room had two couches butted up back to back. A majority of the miles were completed on a Pugsley and a vintage Bontrager B29 cruiser (24 inch BMX cruiser).

Cultiva hooked us up for coffee!

Now I know what you're thinking. Yes, it's a bit unusual. Honestly, who cares. It was pretty damn fun. Got to hang out with fun loving people enjoying some two wheeled adventures.

Wills and Jen riding thru the living room during an early shift

We had no idea how long it would take. Rough estimates based on speed with two folks riding simultaneously were anywhere from 8 to 14 hours. Once we got going the miles ticked away rather quickly. The event started at 8 AM and finished before 5 PM.

Dining room

Folks signed up for half hour slots. I rode one in the morning and planned on riding in the evening, but the 100 mile mark had already been cracked. Even riding just one half hour turn really worked me over. Lots of turning!

Schmidty on the Bonty B29

Eric and Jen rounding the pool table

I'm not sure who's taking credit for the idea. Whoever it was, thank you. It was a blast riding laps and I gained some confidence in my indoor 106 year old wooden floor cornering skillz.

Good company for Saturday gravel to Valpo - thanks guys!

I managed to ride outside on Saturday and Sunday too. Two tough days on the bike. The fitness is slowly creeping back, but not without some suffering.

N98th street dirt road goodness (part of the Inaugural GLGA!)

Hey! You're going the wrong way, Ron!

Interesting find off the Homestead Trail

Never heard of them - sounds American, looks Euro

Target practice - That's right, we're talkin' bout practice.

Pow wow - Nice bike, Lis!
Aspen Road dirt goodness

My legs are cooked after the rides this weekend. Time for some yoga, water and good food for recovery.

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elisabeth said...

nice riding with you...see you at yoga!