Friday, January 20, 2012

Brisk goodness

Following Wills on the Moonlander - I need one of those!

Rode Wilderness last night with Wills. It was effing cold. My face hurt riding over to D Street for the meet up. After warming up everything was A-OK. Smart wool NTS 195 oz baselayer and Voler thermal jacket was the perfect combo. Felt comfortable and dry the entire ride.

Quick pit stop

We rode for longer than originally anticipated because things were working out nicely with temp, time and trail conditions. Lemme tell ya, the temperature in the park was much warmer than the exposed roads and Jamaica Trail. The south stretch on the Jamaica getting to the singletrack was muderous!

After an hour and a half of singletrack it was time to call it good. My Niterider Minewt 600 juice indicator was red as the battery had drained. First real ride with the new light. I love it.

Thanks for the ride, Wills. I needed that.


munsoned said...

How much time and at what brightness did your Minewt go for? I'm very interested in picking one up.

Cornbread said...

Yo, Mr. Munson! It lasted about an hour and a half on the 600 lumen setting. Might have gone longer if it wasn't so cold.

mw said...

i was good except for my toes on my right foot. i was a bit damp from sweat but couldn't tell till i got home. cold and dark is still a good time in the park.

Ari said...

Corey, you need to get some bacon on you for insulation!

Cornbread said...

I like bacon, but my arteries aren't too fond of it. :)

munsoned said...

Thanks for the info! Also, great to hear you're back out there and apparently healing well. Cheers!