Sunday, December 18, 2011



2011 was a tough year. Riding took a backseat. Life got in the way.

The last time I had my camera out was back in the beginning of September. Malcolm, Fob and I rode out southwest of town. Since then the battery had died and all kinds of things have changed in my life. When I pulled the battery out for a charge on Friday night the camera still had Gravel Worlds grime crusted on the case and lens. The pic above was still on the camera from the ride back in September.

Back where I need to be

The body is healing. I still have a lot of healing to do. Easing back into things is not something I'm good at. So in classic me fashion I went out and rode probably more than I should have this weekend.


Saturday we had a small crew of four that swelled to six, back to four and then finally two. After the shake up, Malcolm and I headed to Malcolm via gravel. It was glorious. First "real" ride since the end of October. Weather was ideal for December. I did a lot of smiling.

Lippy's BBQ

Once in Malcolm, we found a seat outside the General Store for a refuel. I commented to a local walking in the store about the smokey goodness permeating the air. As luck would have it, he happens to be the owner of the BBQ next door. Soon there after he came over with a sample of ribs for Malcolm and I. Damn, it was amazing. I've never been a fan of ribs, but those ribs were unbelievable. No sauce, just rubs. That's where the "Eat Naked" slogan comes from. After finishing the ribs we stopped by to thank him and he one upped his awesomeness by offering more free samples. This time it was bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese. I can see a smokey pork and beef addiction in my near future.

Late December gravel sun

Saturday was encouraging. The body held up nicely and to my surprise I wasn't as weak as anticipated from the nearly two months off the bike. 2012 will be a rebuilding year.

Sunset treat

I needed some ride time. Got a lot of thinking done on the rides this weekend. Need to do a lot more.

Carl and Wills

Sunday, I joined Carl and Wills for gravel adventure southwest of Lincoln. Jamaica Trail, Homestead Trail, SW 25th, Cortland and on to the Reinkordt farm. Gravel was in great shape for mid December. A little soft in spots, but we found the magic route.

Photo fail of Brandon and Lucas

It's time to get back to what I know...riding with friends and enjoying life.


Anonymous said...

It's good to have you back.

t-nuts said...

Nice! Good to hear your rolling again, couldn't have picked a better weekend to dust off the cobwebs. 40's & 50's in December & mostly dry gravel, WTF! Lookin' fwd to riding with you...

Ari said...

Sorry to hear about your injury. Heal up soon and know that a lot of friends are thinking of you.

Tim Ek said...

I'm guessing you guys aren't running studs like we are?? That is some pristine looking gravel. I gotta get to Nebraska soon!

Been thinkin' about ya buddy.


Coach said...

By May 1st the whole deal will be a distant memory.

CJ said...

Glad to hear to you are doing much better. Keep it all in balance!! Too much of anything can be bad for the body and the soul.

paxtoncoyote said...

Welcome back Corey! The store in Malcolm was my favorite stop in GW since I didn't quite make it to the "secret" checkpoint, wish there was ribs there THAT day, I'd a been all over that! I have a feeling I'll be looking to get more miles in around the Lincoln area in the near future as Lane & his twin sister are headed there this fall for college so there will be more trips to visit & deliver care packages from us I'm sure!

Anonymous said...