Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gravel Worlds!

Rider check-in. Thanks Cycle Works!

Almost ready to go

And we're off into darkness

Sun slowly rising


Tandem of Lance and Malcolm

Brady riding in his first Gravel Grinder

First MMR of the day - it was fine

Gravel was good


Hoofing it on Road B near Valpo

Bike and footwear got a lot heavier after that walk

Kevin's der explosion at Road B - one of many victims throughout the day

Powerball tickets!

Big rollers all day


Tacky MMR

Trevor and Paul - great riding with ya, guys!

Rafal! Thanks for pulling me along all day!

Coach's impromptu single speed

War Axe Checkpoint!

Ditch walkin' on 190th

Final Oasis


-kw said...

Still my favorite ride of the year. Thanks, Cornbread.

mw said...

great day on the bike. thanks for all you did. that last oasis saved me. i could have camped out in the yard, but i'm glad i finished up the event.

RD said...

fun day on bike... the tour mode was in full effect :D happy bday once again

Coach said...

Nice Pictorial essay. About sums it up. How about that last 190th? Double flatted there. ANyone else? The sad thing is I knew I would, muddy tires rolling through the weeds -. Who was able to ride it through the weeds? Curious what Shim, Brady and the crew did? My gear was too big to roll it.

Anyone else get shocked by the live wire up there on the pasture?

kevin said...

I managed to roll through the weeds w/o flatting but I was running tubeless... think that helped. I'm sure I have a few punctures that just sealed up. I saw the live fence and made sure I kept WELL AWAY from it! I was tired enough it probably would've knocked me flat for a while.

MG said...

Thanks for all your work, Corey. What a great event!