Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gravel Worlds recon....

Eight heading out for recon

Sunday was a beautiful day. What Troy called a "top tenner for the year". What was supposed to be a full loop of the Gravel Worlds course became an abbreviated version. No biggie. I got a bum knee anyways. Still recovering from our move. Hire movers folks. Trust me. It's worth the money.

A small crew met at Cultiva at 6:30. The sun is up by 6:30. Next week for Gravel Worlds we'll be starting in the dark at 6:00. Lights are a necessity for the first half hour. In fact, they're required.

Carl and Rokke chase the rainbow

We rolled out onto the course by the first Oasis location, the Reinkordt farm. That oasis is about 71 miles into the course. Only about four miles after the second checkpoint of Malcolm. Yeah, it's an optional Oasis that requires a small 50 yard jog off the course, but don't let that discourage you from stopping. The Reinkordt farm has some of the best folks around manning it. Plus some highly refreshing cucumber water! Lots of folks stopped last year just to cool off for a bit in the shade. By the time most riders get to that point, the heat of the day will be climaxing.

Kevin takin' a break while Matt changes out a flat

The crew enjoyed the reroute and the course preview. Lots of great gravel and dirt. Some big rollers too. Plus several dogs who love to bark and chase. All were friendly.

MMR on the most Eastern part of the course

The last leg of the course has several MMR roads to traverse. I was shocked to find as many as we did. Don't remember riding that many on the last leg during last year's recon.

Dry dirt

We had rain earlier in the week, but the dirt roads were already dry, cracking and even bordering on dusty. The forecast for the rest of the week is for 30% chance of rain. Over the past several nights we've had some generous precipitation. Crossing my fingers and praying to the Bike Gods for dry roads.


On the last leg of dirt we came upon this. Not too bright. Will it be gone by Saturday? Who knows. We've found cars on MMR's before. Most are stolen and smashed. This one looked certifiably sketchy.


elisabeth said...

My mom made a ton of homemade pickles for the poasis, too! plus, I hear the pears will be ripe, and there may be a massage therapist set up, too...

mw said...

air humping
air humping
air humping