Thursday, August 04, 2011

Accept my apology...

Dear blogosphere,

I apologize for my recent (most of 2011) absence from the blog. You see, life has gotten in the way this year and I haven't been riding my bicycles as much. No riding equals no blogging. About all I can muster for rides nowadays is a short ride before and/or after work. Weekend rides have also been curtailed. So there really isn't anything interesting to blog about. Am I upset about this? Yes and no. Yes, because I miss riding with my friends and no, because I have more free time to spend with loved ones.

But don't fret, I anticipate getting back to riding and blogging more often in the coming months as I learn how to balance things. I hope to see you out on some rides. Just be sure to take it easy on me. The legs aren't there right now.

Your friend,



Marc said...

How could you do such a thing? This is going to take awhile for me to forgive you. Alright, your forgiven.

mw said...

yeah right on the legs...your minimum speed will still be crushing

Ari said...

Hope you are well, your Ti bike will never rust.