Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ouachita pre-ridin' photo dump!

The trails are in amazing shape! Womble Trail pictured above.

Stoked to be riding some of the best singletrack in the country!

Lots of rocks down here...

CVO too fast for the camera...

Four miles in and ruined a brand new tire. Sharp rock puncture. It wouldn't seal. Sealant everywhere.


Don't have anything like this back in Nebraska

You gotta be on your toes or you might flat on suckers like this one...

Pictures don't do it justice.


Long gravel climb before entering the singletrack

Lincoln crew before the Big Brushy and Blowout Mountain pre-ride


Blowout Mountain has some rather large rocks to negotiate...

There's a line somewhere in this mess...yes, this is the trail!

The leaves make the downhill corners interesting...

Lovin' it

The race is tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Forecast is looking ideal. It's gonna be fun.


Coach said...

Damn dude - that makes me want to go back down there. Good job on the finish place.

MG said...

Yeah dude... Nice ride!