Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sloppy Saturday!

Rollin' east of town

Today the first PCL event of the year went down. Well, kinda. The weather kept most folks away. We had about 10 guys show up for some gravel action. The east wind meant riding roads we rarely have an opportunity to enjoy. Some of the roads are the same that were used for Gravel Worlds last August.

Bruce and Scott rollin' with their Trans Iowa setups

These two fellas are smart. They've been getting some serious miles in with all of their Trans Iowa equipment on board. Me, I'm not so smart. I'll probably do what I always do. Make a last minute decision in the motel room at 3:30 AM the morning of the event as far as my bike and gear setup. I anticipate Bruce and Scott will do really well at Trans Iowa. I'm excited for them.

Schmidty and James on wet gravel near Greenwood, Nebraska

The ride went to a town that I've never visited before. Greenwood, Nebraska. Typical small town Nebraska. Was stoked to see James on the ride today. Haven't ridden with him in months. He's getting ready for another round of Dirty Kanza. He'll do awesome. I have no doubt.

Schmidty tuckin' in

The snow started before rollin' into Greenwood. The forecast was spot on.

Snow covered

Yeah, some real Jens Voigt action there for awhile. The wool tights were attracting a lot of snow, but dried off quickly. You gotta love wool!

I opted for the single speed today. Sure glad I made that call. I miss riding single speeds...

The hut

James flatted while rollin' back on the Mopac. Perfect timing as the flat happened near the hut.

Did it hold?

Not sure how this happened cuz we checked the brake pad and it was not anywhere near rubbing, but James cut through his sidewall. Instant flat. After a Gu wrapper boot we were off again.

We definitely made the most of the day. Hope everyone else got out for a bit. Tomorrow is looking better as far as weather. Another east wind.

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jamesb said...

It held! Good seeing you/getting worked by you guys today. Damn, you were on a SS?