Sunday, February 13, 2011

The weekend!

Meet up at Cultiva Cafe

We had two big groups for the rides this weekend. Around fifteen each day. So we're gonna go ahead and make Cultiva Cafe our official meeting spot for weekend rides. Yep, it's official. It's always gonna be 8 AM unless otherwise noted on a blog.

Big thanks to Cultiva Cafe for letting a bunch of lycra clad dorks take over the place in the mornings. I know we look and smell funny, but we sure buy a lot of coffee!

Regroup on West A

Folks sure are having fun riding the gravel roads. Seen a lot of faces I haven't seen in a while. Good to see everyone out and enjoying the weather. It's gonna be a beautiful week! Hope to see ya out during the week.

Gravel is primo

The white rock hasn't been put down yet so the gravel is in excellent shape. There are a few soft spots, but for the most part it's all good. Get it while the gettin' is good!

Never seen a sign like this one - Near Crete, NE

Saturday a small group decided to head to Wilber for some bigger miles. The southwest wind was tough on the way down, but provided quite a push on the way home.

Gotta hit the Wilber Bakery for some Kolaces!

A six pack of Kolaces hit the spot! The folks at the Bakery are so much fun. They love chattin' us up when we roll in.

Aaron and Jordan rollin' back from Wilber

Alright, who busted out the chalk? Darn pirates!

Sunday crew rollin' out West Claire Ave (Carl on the pimp Boxer!)

Ryan sitting in the best possible spot (behind the 6'5" wall)

Sunday the ride was a bit shorter for a few of us. I had a GPTN meeting in which I heard Andy Clarke (President of the League of American Bicyclists) speak about all kinds of great stuff. Lincoln, NE has an amazing trail system, but we have plenty of room for making things even more spectacular.

Rollin' back to town with Troy, Nate and Matt

This weekend was an eye opener. I've lost a lot of fitness and strength. Three weeks off without any riding is not good for the body. Especially when that three weeks is spent battling the worst sickness of my adult life. It's gonna take a lot of work to get back where I was a year ago. Take advantage of it while you can! :)

Thanks to everyone for the rides this weekend. Always fun riding, chattin' and hanging with folks. That's why I ride bikes. The occasional race/long endurance event keeps me honest, but just riding is what I love the most. Even when I'm suffering up front during a long pull into the wind while silently cursing the guy behind me for not pulling through. Love every minute of it!


elisabeth said...

I shied away from meeting up with you guys this weekend because I know my fitness has dropped a bunch. After a nice base ride at a comfortable pace, I'm about ready to meet back up. See ya soon!

RD said...

in that case my good sir. I challenge you to a pistol duel on Saturday..