Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Weekend!

Posse rolling through town prior to the Singletrack/Gravel split

What a great weekend of cycling fun! Saturday we took advantage of the weather to get some miles in. Some more than others. Half of the posse hit Wilderness and other half hit gravel north of town. Cultiva Cafe has been the new gathering place prior to the usual Saturday and Sunday ride. It's been working out great. Get your caffeine fix and some pastry. Perfect.

Schmidty rockin' the wicked icicle danglers - it's a good look for him

The gravel posse headed out Claire Road and eventually worked it's way to Malcolm. Most headed back for home after the Malcolm recharge, but Bruce and I ventured further north up to Valpo. We need to get big miles in with Trans Iowa, Almanzo Royal 162, and Dirty Kanza on the docket.

Found a nice stretch of dirt east of Ceresco

Bruce and I ended up getting a long ride in. From Valpo we went east to Ceresco and then eventually by Waverly and Walton. Not sure on the mileage, but it was probably over 90. It felt great to get a long one this early in the year. I felt stronger as the ride progressed. That's a good sign.


Today the posse (14 at one point during the ride) hit Wilderness. We got a dusting of snow early this morning which made for some fun cornering. I think we only had one person slide out and go down.

Say cheese, Nathan!

The park felt really fast today. Might be the last ride through the park for awhile. The forecast for the next 36 hours calls for 7 to 10 inches of snow accumulation. Time to bust out the XC skis!

"Alright, cheesy photo time!"

More cheesiness (myself, Matt, Matt, and Matt)

Janna, Schmidty and Jim

Ghost tracks

We followed a fresh set of tracks this morning and instinctively thought of Jim Winklepleck. Eventually we crossed paths. Yep, it was Jim. We also saw Mike Johnson a couple of times. The park was ideal this morning.

Welcome back, buddy!

Great to have Jim back in town and out for a ride after visiting China to pick up his daughter. Congrats buddy! You look really happy and a bit thinner.

Well, now it's time to do some laundry and make some chili. Maybe some cornbread too. Seems like the right thing to do when the snow is fallin'.


swanson said...
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MG said...

It was awesome riding with ya this weekend, Corey. You were rippin' through the trees. Lookin forward to doin it on skis soon!