Sunday, January 16, 2011


Small crew this morning for the ride

Rollin' back from Cortland with Wills

Janna and Aaron a ways ahead


Aaron G said...

Dude great ride today pretty chill. No pun. See ya

Emily said...

sometimes I feel like I'm suffering on dismal winter training rides, then I remember this kind of photos and realize I've got nothing to complain about. Nice work. See you at Kanza.

jxw said...

I was out South this morn also, left just a little late, tried to find you guys to the West,took SW42 to Cortland, S 25th back. Looks like I was close. Nice day though.

Cornbread said...

Always fun riding with ya Aaron. Thanks for the tube. I owe ya one.

Emily, good to see ya on the DK200 list again this year. Enjoy this winter base miles! If you wanna get some bitter cold training rides in, come on out to Nebraska!

Jim, I thought I spotted a tire track. We were a bit behind ya.

Emily said...

well, guess I will actually see you before DK, since we are both on the roster for Transiowa too. Yeah gravel!

Dan Trued said...

enjoy your pics from Nebraska, as I lived in Kearney in the 70's. You folks are sure braver than I am, in that weather.