Sunday, January 23, 2011

Riding the Loess Hills with the Omaha crew

Crossing over the Missouri Rive on the Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge

Wills, DK, and I headed up to Omaha to ride the unique, beautiful and challenging Loess Hills of Iowa with our cycling Brethren to the east. We have never ridden these roads, but have been eager to do so for the past couple of year after hearing about the topography. They are incredible!

Don't see many signs like this on roads near Lincoln

We really enjoy our gravel roads around Lincoln, but I must admit the stuff an hour to the east is much more enjoyable on many levels. Most of the roads surrounding Lincoln are on a grid system. Straight, straight and more straight. That's anything be the case in the Loess Hills. The roads weaving through the Loess Hills are twisty, steep and always provide some beautiful sights.


There was a great posse for the ride. The headcount was 15 at one point. Jim Winklepleck surprised us when we crossed over into Iowa on the Bob Kerrey bridge as he was waiting for us on the other side. That was a nice surprise. Hope you enjoyed the ride, Jim!

Snow and ice covered roads

The roads were in decent shape considering how much precipitation we've had. The descents were a bit sketchy and I have more "Oh shit!" moments than I care to remember. The softer snow almost pulled my front wheel out from underneath me on numerous occasions. Remarkably, I don't think anyone went down all day.

Cheesy photo time!

I don't have any pics of the big climbs. There were several large climbs throughout the day. Mark mentioned that a couple were categorized climbs. Much bigger climbs than what we have around Lincoln.

Headin' back to O Town

The snow started to fall around 3 and didn't let up until the early morning. Wills and I had planned on riding back from Omaha on Sunday morning, but those plans changed after we saw the updated forecast. The drive back to Lincoln was interesting. I haven't driven in stuff like that in years.

Wills rockin' the Soul Craft Holy Roller fixie stylee

Huge thanks to all that played a part in organizing the ride or came out and did the ride! It was great seeing everyone and meeting some new folks. We were stoked on the ride. I'm very excited to make more trips out that way for some more Loess Hills goodness. Expect me up there at least once a month! Seriously.

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Shim said...

Glad you guys made it sorry we had to bail early. Mod and Rafel have come up with some pretty sweet routes this year, we have a nice one to the south we do on Sundays but not as nice as what you guys were treated to.