Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking back...

2010 was one of the best of my life. I have a lot of folks to thank. Instead of listing everyone, I'll just say that if you rode with me or enjoyed my company in the past year, you're on the list. So thank you for sharing your time and livin' life to the fullest. If you're not on the list, I expect you there next year.

Favorite Ride of 2010 - Ponca Ride

I know I'm a little late for end of the year reflection, but something happened recently that has really got me thinkin'. It's nothing major really. I just changed my screen saver on my desktop at home to randomly throw up a pic from my ridiculous archive. There are lots of pics in that archive. If you ride with me you know how I like to snap pics. Hey, someone has to be the local cycling historian, right?

Favorite place to ride in 2010 - Leadville, Colorado

Many of the images on my desktop stretch back years ago. CVO, DK and I have found ourselves just chillin' in my room watching the images pop up. Each one brings smiles to our faces and usually a story follows.

Favorite over the top crazy challenge of 2010 - Trans Iowa V6

And that's why I ride, folks. The smiles, friendships and stories. If you're not riding for those, maybe it's time for a change. We're always looking for more folks to ride with.


Aaron G said...

Thanks to you Corey for letting us hang on lifes wheel with ya!!I am proud to call you a friend. I can't help but think of all the miles and miles of the Cornbread pain train I rode, but I wouldn't of had the successes I did with out ya. Thanks again! Last year by far for me was the greatest so far. I Attribute that to the GREAT crew of Lincoln riders I got to ride with all year. Here's to 2011 and all the ass kicking we will give out and the ones we will take ourselves.
Cheers Aaron

CJ said...

That picture of Leadville is stunning! Did you take that one yourself?

Tim Ek said...

I'd recognize that butt anywhere! Great racing with you and holding your wheel (for as long as I'm able). You are one of the Good Guys. See you soon.

Cornbread said...

Aaron, right back at ya homey. It's gonna be another great year! Super excited for some crazy adventures this year.

Chris, yeah I snapped that pic on the way up Hagerman's Pass in Leadville. So beautiful out there. I hope to get out there again this year. You should put it on your bucket list for places to ride.

Eki, always a pleasure riding with ya. You're one of the good guys too. Keep on riding, smiling and inspiring! Looking forward to more adventures with you and the rest of the DBD crew in 2011.

brady said...

The smiles, friendship and stories

yes, yes and yes