Saturday, December 04, 2010

It's better than riding on a trainer...

8 AM gravel crew assembling at Cultiva Cafe

Yeah, it was cold and windy today, but that didn't stop the gravel posse from heading out. Stiff wind from the NNW at 25 mph meant Valparaiso was on the docket. After some coffee and discussion on how we were gonna get to Valpo the crew bundled up and headed out of the warmth of Cultiva and into the frigid morning air.

Grinding it out on 27th Street

The wind really kept the pace to a crawl most of the way to Valpo. I even considered shifting out of my big ring, but quickly put that thought to rest. Shifting to the little ring means you gave up.

Strength in numbers

It felt like Winter today. Wind chill was around 10 degrees when we took off and didn't warm up much at all during the ride. I kept warm except my toes for a short bit. The efforts on the climbs got the blood pumpin' and warmed everything up. Even my toes got toasty after hitting the rollers with only Pearl Izumi Barrier shoe covers over my regular mountain bike shoes. In hindsight, the Lake Winter boats would have been a better choice.

MMR goodness of B Road near Valpo

We were able to hit several stretches of dirt today. Since we haven't had much precipitation in the past month all the dirt roads were in great shape. B Road is in exceptional shape.

Refuel in Valpo

The ride to Valpo was another "character building session", but the reward of a day old donut and a cup of "coffee water" for 95 cents was well worth it. The ride home was a bit easier than the ride out and we were able to converse without yelling at each other. Ahhh...good times. More of the same tomorrow, but the wind will be much more timid at 10 mph.


-kw said...

"Shifting to the little ring means you gave up."
Who's the guy whose knee hurts every spring?

Cornbread said...

My attempt at sarcasm = fail. Yeah, I know Kevin, so I guess I just stay in the big ring because I'm a stubborn fool. No good reason really.

E.O'B. said...

What do you do for your hands? I've gotten my core and feet issues resolved, but my fingertips still got cold and numb yesterday in my PI lobster claws. I've tried wearing glove liners underneath, but that was actually colder since they cut off some circulation.

As soon as I get the a 'cross bike built, I'd love to join ya'll on one of these gravel rides.

Cornbread said...

My hands and feet still get cold occasionally. Yesterday was one of those days. So I'm still trying to figure it out myself. Usually I just ramp up the pace a bit if I start to get cold hands and feet. Getting the blood pumping helps. That's always a great short term fix.

I bought some Bar Mitts recently and plan on trying those. I've heard good things about the Bar Mitts. I'll post something once I've tried them out.