Friday, December 24, 2010

Icy gravel fun

Bruce leading the charge on West Claire Avenue

A few brave souls met up this morning at Cultiva Cafe for some Christmas Eve action. Lincoln got some ice last night, so at the last minute I slapped on the spare wheelset with the Nokians onto the Karate Monkey. Sure am glad I did.

Clint rode awesome all day on non-studded tires and with 42 x 18!

The roads in town weren't bad, but once we hit gravel things got sketchy. Most of the time if it's icy in town the gravel is fine. Not today. The gravel was more ice than gravel. Traction was sparse. Even with studded tires I found myself in the gutter most of the time trying to find something to bite into.

Rolling up SW 98th (Gravel Worlds course backwards)

Things got better as the ride progressed. By the time we hit the Malcolm General Store I felt comfortable on the gravel. The ice was beginning to melt, but the roads were still maintaining their integrity.

Winter bike - Surly Karate Monkey SS (34 x 16) with fenders and Nokian Gazza Extreme's

Ran into Darin at the Malcolm General Store who was out for a run

Making it to Malcolm was a victory. Not the longest ride, but enough to feel like we accomplished something today.

More fun tomorrow morning! Meet at D Street at 8 AM for waffles and coffee with the ride taking off at 9.


XXC Magazine said...

Dude, can I steal that pic with the xxc sticker?

Cornbread said...

Hellz yeah. How you been, Jason?

XXC Magazine said...

Hanging in there. Getting ready for 2011! Good luck, and as always, you have an open invitation to contribute. Thanks for all your work in 2010. Much appreciated.