Friday, December 10, 2010

Fast twitchin'

A crew of Lincolnites went up to Omaha last night for the Green Sprints by Green Street Cycles. Wow, it sure was fun. These sprint events are a great melting pot of all that is good in the local cycling scene. Definitely a bike culture experience that all cyclists should embrace. Last night's event was very well organized and attended. Great to see folks that I haven't seen in a long time.

As far as the actual sprint is concerned, the fast twitch fiber folks dominate. The bikes have virtually no resistance so it's all about turning the cranks over as fast as ya can. It's amazing how shelled you are after going balls to the wall for 500 meters.

Kudos to Green Street and all the participants/spectators. There are several more Sprint events lined up this Winter by Green Street as well as the KC Sprint crew. If ya haven't checked one out yet put that on your to do list!


sydney said...

And... the results are posted where???

Thew said...

If memory serves:
KC Sprints @ Bricktop - Saturday 1/15

Greensprints @ Duffys(?) - early Feb.

NNs said...

yeah dude. super happy to see you come down. matt, i think the dates may be flipped but youll have to talk with sarah. as for the results, i think they are being processed by the statisticians and will be passed onto the data entry folks at GS once all the riders have passed their drug screens.

Cornbread said...

Yeah, KC Sprints presented by Sheclismo at Duffy's in January. Green Sprints at Bricktop in February. Fun is mandatory. Puking is optional.

NNs, is alcohol a banned substance? If so...maybe having these events at a bar is THE BEST IDEA EVER!

NNs said...

word came back that the rider in last place did in fact have the banned substance "boozahol" in their system. standings were unaffected.