Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bitter cold, but super good

"Cheesy photo time. Smile everyone!"

The wind wasn't as strong today, but it sure was cold. It felt much colder than yesterday even though the wind was only 10 mph. Seemed stronger than 10 at times. Lots of cold hands, feet and faces on the ride today.

Old missile silo location on NW 12th and Little Salt Road

Original destination plan was Valpo, but the bitter cold rerouted us to Ceresco. It was much closer than Valpo and gave us a break from the headwind.

Wills with the wicked frost beard and Janna sportin' the Hannibal Lecter balaclava

My weak ass frost beard

Mmmmm, MMR

Hit some great MMR on the way to Ceresco. There's a lot of it around the county line. Might hafta use some of those roads for the PCL Tour of Dirt Roads IV this Spring.

Takin' over and gettin' comfortable

Refuel and warm up at Ceresco was a nice change. Haven't been to that Squeegee Station in quite some time. Of course our presence amused and bewildered some locals.

Double down on the day old donuts with a cup of the House Blend coffee water

Gravel is in great shape. We're lucky.

Wrappin' up the ride with a bowl of soup from Grateful Bread


mw said...

sweet ride. i rocked 70th in and avoided the road closed, ended up coming in on hwy77 and thru town. aww pretty good.

MG said...

Sorry I missed ya. JP and I rolled to Platte yesterday and I hid on single track in the park Saturday. It's that time of year for me...


Cornbread said...

Thanks for the rides this weekend, mw!

MG, hope you had some good singletrack rides.