Monday, November 29, 2010

We may not have mountains, but we have wind...

Brave souls venturing out for a "character building session"

Twenty five mph sustained winds with gusts in the 30's, no problem. Chalk it up as a great Nebraska training ride. Just imagine you're climbing a large mountain.

Finding reprieve in the Jamaica and Homestead Trail corridor

Destination was Cortland for Sunday's ride. Twenty miles to the south directly into the wind. A few of us decided to leave the shelter of the Homestead Trail and hit gravel for the last four miles into Cortland. Wicked, wicked, wicked wind. While exposed to the full force of the wind we found ourselves struggling to keep speed even on the downhills. Going up wasn't much better.

Ash Road

The reward for the trip to Cortland was a can of Coke at the convenience store and a trip down the MMR goodness of Ash Road. The cross wind was just as challenging. Almost ended up on the ground a few times.


The afternoon was spent watching the Shit Bike Derby. Basically crash up derby with bikes. A lot of shitty bikes got even shittier. It was quite a spectacle.

CVO on the best bike of the day

Most bikes ended up with a taco'd rear wheel which rendered them useless. CVO's bike came out unscathed despite taking and dishing out a lot of punishment. Take note folks.


Tim Ek said...

Looks great out there! Where's the snow? We've been socked into total winter mode for several weeks now up in Duluth. I'm so sick of riding on ICE!

Cornbread said...

Yikes, Eki! Sorry to hear about the snow and ice. Please keep it up there! Do you XC ski? I picked that up last year and loved it.