Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lincoln cross weekend

What a fun and painful weekend. The legs still feel a bit dead from the balls to the wall efforts, but the memories of Hooligan's Hill make it worth the Monday morning sluggishness. Saturday's race ended up being a battle with James Blake and Chris Hansen. Both rode great and put me in the pain cave for the full hour. Sunday was more of the same except Chris wasn't there, but Matt Gersib and Jim Winklepleck took his place in dishing out some punishment. My only regret during the weekend was sitting up on our last lap on Sunday to allow Mark to lap us and end our race early. Unfortunately we spoiled his moment at the line. Yeah, that was a stupid move. Sorry Mark. We were fried and you were our savior.

Huge thanks goes out to DK (pictured above getting the ghetto drum kit ready), Bill, and Brian for playing on top of the Hill. I was so stoked to roll by Hooligan's Hill every lap. This is what makes Lincoln a great cycling scene. I'm proud to say I'm a Lincolnite.

The new bike felt great, but I'm still getting it dialed in. It's a lot lighter and a bit snappier than the steel IF. It'll probably be transformed into a SS for Winter gravel rides. Ah...Winter gravel. I can't wait. The 2010 race season is over for me and now it's time for some long gravel adventures!

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