Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday weekend gravel action

Love the Alf mug!

Friday morning's ride started off with some amazing coffee served in an Alf "Life's a beach" mug and a fresh chewy brownie from Cultiva Cafe. Breakfast of champions!

Monsignor Tucker fixin' a flat

Friday's ride ventured West into the wind and eventually on to Milford. Second Milford ride in as many weeks. That doesn't happen too often. FYI, there are some wicked rollers to the west of Lincoln. West A Street, Pioneers and Van Dorn are all challenging routes. If you're looking for some good "interval gravel" look no further. Just attack every hill and you'll be pretty much red lined the whole time.

The crew moving out

The Saturday morning ride left Cultiva a little after 8 AM this morning. Several Trans Iowa veterans (Wills, Emily, and myself) and a few Trans Iowa noobies (Scott, Bruce and Janna) were in attendance. In order to be "ready" for something as big as TI V7, you gotta put some long hours in the saddle. Even though it's five months away it's never too early to get those base miles in.

Jim contemplating life and the universe

The ride this morning went South to Cortland via the Homestead Trail and a bit of gravel. Refuel in Cortland and off for more gravel. Some headed back to town, but Bruce, Janna, Emily, Malcolm and I continued on for Wilber in hopes of scoring some Kolaces.

That deer is smiling. Creepy.

Kolaces in sight, but "No soup for you!"

When we got to Wilber the bakery was closed, but as a result we did get to see this rad muscle car at the Casey's in town.

Nice park job.

Rollin' back home and roasting along the way

The temp slowly climbed all day. By the time we turned North towards Lincoln it was near 50. I soaked through one pair of gloves and nearly through my lighter pair too. It's that time of year you gotta carry a couple pair of gloves.

Interesting lawn ornaments in Saline County Nebraska

More gravel on the docket for tomorrow morning. Same bat time, same bat channel...Cultiva Cafe at 8 AM. Wind is gonna wicked out of the South! Probably just head to Cortland and back.

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