Friday, November 19, 2010

Gravel goodness on the horizon

I got signed up for another Trans Iowa. This will be my fifth crack at it. The new bike is ready for a ton of winter miles in order to be ready for 300+ miles of Iowa gravel and dirt roads Easter weekend. Historically bad weather Trans Iowa years (V2 and V4) are followed up by dry and ideal weather conditions the following year. Let's hope that holds true for V7.

I'm proud to say that Lincoln will be very well represented for V7. At last count we had 10+ Lincolnites committing to the challenge. Skip, Emily and Butch will be back this year! Scott, Bruce and Janna have also thrown down the gauntlet for the first time. Also returning again for more are Troy, mg, Wills, Aaron, and Omaha representative Eric. Am I forgetting anyone?

So this means there will be a lot of gravel ridden this Winter by a lot of Lincolnites and that's a super awesome good thing. Rides will begin next weekend at 8 AM from D street on Saturdays and Sundays unless otherwise stated.


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Anonymous said...

I Want to be a Lincolnite.
I am a loner here in Jacksonville.
Kudos to all that signed up