Sunday, October 03, 2010


Harvest in full swing all over the Midwest

DK in tow on the way up to Swanson

Crossing the Platte on a beautiful Fall day

CVO is always a favorite with the kids

CVO makes cross races a lot more fun

Me: Aren't you hot in that thing?
CVO: Oh yeah. I just ran over here.

Large Cat 4 group on the first lap

Riding back on some wicked gravel rollers east of the Platte


mathguy said...

Should have been racing today! Thanks for stopping by Saturday-should have stopped by registration and said hello. People were asking why you weren't out racing on your single speed.

Cornbread said...

Wanted to race, but my bike cracked last Wednesday. New bike will be here next week! Sorry I missed ya on Saturday. Looks like there was another great turnout. You gotta be stoked! I'm stoked! Nebraska cyclocross is growing!