Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Night ride!

Been doing a lot of night rides over the past few weeks in between being down and out of action with a cold and allergies. Hopefully the beautiful weather will continue thru the rest of the Fall so we can keep on riding. Last night was another perfect ride. Perfect temperature, perfect company, and perfect moonlight. Jupiter and the moon were shining bright last night. If you haven't been riding after the sun goes down you're missing out on some of the best riding that Fall has to offer.


dan said...

Great, i love night rides, really the best time to get out there when you have a mild night!

Tim Ek said...

Been doing some night riding myself, nothing better!

c_c_rider said...

i was checking out the moon and jupiter whilst coming back from eagle last night, great night indeed.

Ari said...

The Slender Fungus Cycling Association only does night rides. Riding during the day produces cataracts in your eyes.
Ari from Sycamore,IL.