Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cautiously optimistic

Early action in the Masters race

Another day, another really fun race which was superbly run by the promoters. Kudos to the EVCC team yesterday and the same to the Flatwater Team today. My hats off to the Flatwater Cycling Team for all the sweat equity invested into making Van Dorn Park a fun and fast cyclocross venue. It's awesome to have a cross course right in the heart of good ole Lincoln. Rode to the race. Gotta love that!

After racing this weekend I'm feeling alright about cyclocross. Maybe I'm finally getting it. Or maybe I did alright cuz the big guns were in Louisville, KY. As Jesse put it, "We're the Lincoln JV All-Stars". Ha, maybe we are, but I'll gladly wear that badge of honor. It's a lot better than my usual of getting lapped every race!


jxw said...

Nice work today! Course was sweet. I know, I sampled twice. Anyone heard anything further on MG's condition?

paxtoncoyote said...

what a GREAT weekend of cross action, was good to see you both days & watch you race, GREAT JOB! Lane is diggin' this cross racing so we'll be back the 20-21 of Nov at Pioneer's Park, also we have some good shots of you racing we can send or link you if you want to use them.

MG reported no broken bones, what a wicked crash!

jamesb said...

good seeing you today. Good job!!

-kw said...

Nice race, yesterday. Corey.

NNs said...

you have more fun than those guys anyway