Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back in Amish country

I'm back home in Northeastern Ohio to see the folks this weekend. Haven't seen the family in over a year so this is a long overdue trip. The folks are doing great and are really enjoying retirement.

We went out for a bike ride yesterday on a local rails to trails path. I borrowed a bike (road hybrid stylee) from a family friend and did my best to make it fit. Seatpost to the max on that 56 cm! Toe clips and sneakers with no bike shorts. Flashback to my first few rides on a "real" bike.

The info we got from our family friend indicated the local trail was about 27 miles long. So we figured I could ride the length and back to get an honest 50+ miler while my folks rode around for a bit on their hybrids. I had one bottle with me and figured I could fill up somewhere along the ride. The trail is beautiful. All paved and runs thru some picturesque countryside. Ran into a lot of folks out enjoying the day. Even came across an Amish family a few times collecting wood (see pic above). I told my folks I should be able to finish the ride in a few hours. Time flew by as I rode. Eventually I got to the end of the trail. It took me a lot longer than expected. After so calculating I figured there must have been some underestimation of distance. The trail is actually a little over 40 miles. So the 50+ miler ended up being an 80 miler. Unfortunately I ran out of water on the way down and didn't have any luck finding water for the ride back. Needless to say things got a little pastey on the way back. Still was a great ride.

Hope everyone is getting some great rides in back in corn country. See yall soon.

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Bigdave said...

Well from reading this I guess you can come rock the Jackrabbit? The list has grown to 22 racers...hope to see you brother.