Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wednesday Night Gravel - It was one of those rides....

Shawn, Bruce, Malcolm, Scott and I trying to "get the funk outta here!"

Well, the Wednesday Night Gravel didn't turn out as planned. We only made it a few miles from Princeton when it began to sprinkle and threatening clouds moved in. Fob was the smart one and turned around while Shawn, Bruce, Malcolm, Scott and I continued on. After a few large bolts of lightning we decided to get the funk outta there and made a b line for home.

The Mysterious Lemon Man aka Malcolm...or is that Malcolm's aura?

Unfortunately, it was too late. We were surrounded by multiple storms that were going faster than we were and heading in the same direction. Several bolts of lightning had us shitting our pants and sprinting for home. One bolt was probably only a few hundred yards away as I heard the tree splinter when the bolt struck. Ah, good times. To top it off we got completely soaked to the bone.

Post rain ride steel bike ritual

Got home and quickly removed the seatpost and inverted the IF Steel Planet Cross. Soon I won't hafta do that anymore once the Ti Planet Cross arrives.

Dryin' out

Yep, it was one of those rides...


sbig said...

Ah, good times. I holed up at the Quik Stop on Old Cheney for a bit and then made a dash for home. Managed to pretty much make it between storms. Glad everyone got home OK.

mw said...

jeez. i hate lightning strikes nearby. glad everyone is allright. probably shouldn't let water sit in your titanium bike either.

fob said...

I got a little wet, but not soaked, and the lighting to thunder gap was still a few seconds. Glad you all made it back ok.

Anonymous said...

Statistically, unless you were on the prairie, you have a low chance of getting struck by lightning; Especially if on carbon. :P

Putting newspaper in 'da shoes to absorb water... so simple. but I never thought about it... Brilliant.