Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Bacon


Sub 50 degree temps coupled with 100% humidity resulted in frosty wool. Felt wonderfully warm in the merino.

Bacon posse rolling past Elmwood

Had a great crew this morning for the last Bacon Ride of 2010. Eileen, the waitress, was happy for the season to be over and was already excited for her Winter construction sites or something crazy like that.

Last plate of the year...."one and done" all year long

Motoring back with Bruce (crushing all the way home) and Wes (He-Man on the Big Dummy)


bikerfish said...

That was a fun ride, glad there was one more left. Hopefully I'll get in on some more group rides before next year's bacon rides start again!

Malcolm said...

Sorry I missed it guys, but hope to see you all soon. Bruce always crushes (hope to see you soon bud) and Wes is the man (heard there were beers, sorry I missed) love you all, lets ride soon.

Scott Redd said...

Three of us came from Omaha, but we must have arrived after you left. Glad you could make the Last Bacon Ride.

Here are some pics.

See you next year!