Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just riding along...

Bacon Ride action - lights required

Lots of downed branches on the Mopac Trail kept the ride interesting

Busted out the wool for the first time on Sunday - 50ish degrees with a light mist and the jersey worked perfectly...I love wool.

This doe followed me around for a bit while on the other side of the fence line

Wes has some great ideas for making the world a better place via bicycles

Wes' business Shifting Gears- get a hold of him if you need some green pedal power

Hitting the park with Wills

Time to start chargin' the light...first day of Fall is today


RD said...

sadly bacon rides are gone until next year... we will see you next weekend on some skinny tires

bikerfish said...

I heard we've got one more!

Cornbread said...

We sure do!