Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's time for long sleeves and knee warmers....

8 AM meet up at D Street...several surprise guest riders along for the fun!

$1.05 at Tvrdy's in Valpo

MW leadin' the charge on Oak Road with the drop bar fixie

Road 30 MMR goodness

Lots of Rasta on today's ride

Great ride today everyone! That was a lot of fun. More fun tomorrow morning with the Bacon Ride which leaves the Mopac Trailhead at 6 AM. Plenty of our Omaha brethren will meet us at Platte River State Park. Rumor has it there will be a Bacon eating throw down. My money is on DK. I bet he can eat 30 pieces before vomiting.


Malcolm said...

Is that a fixie bra!? Ugg I hate that word.

Looks like fun guys, want to say wish I was there, but unsure about the long sleeves and cold... :(


mw said...

great riding this weeeknd. how was the rest of sunday's ride?

MG said...

Yeah, that was some great ridin' this weekend. My legs are thrashed! And who would've thought that I would have won the bacon throw down with just 13 slices of bacon and 3 links of sausage to edge Rafal out by one bacon slice and no need to purge afterward. Good to go...

Thanks for the good memories and great miles.