Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall is here.


Fall is here. Awesomeness.

Hit the park on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It was in great shape prior to the rain. Leaves are fallin'. Watch those corners.

Jim and Andy have matching socks.

Went out for a delayed Saturday morning ride with bunch of cool cats. DK, Wills, Malcolm, Scott Big, The Dark Knight, Andy, Schmidty and Shawn. Am I forgetting anyone?

Palmyra refuel

DK went for the Potato Cheddar poppers with mustard and a chocolate milk. Just what the body needs!

Turnin' back home

A group of five of us continued on Hwy 2 (new and old sections) to Syracuse for another refuel.

Knee warmers would have been nice

Got rained/misted on for the large portion of the ride back. Not soaked to the bone, but definitely wet. Also got damn cold on the way back. Pretty much pinned it all the way back in order to stay warm. Yeah, Fall is here.

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