Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dakota Five-No

Saturday morning gravel posse heading out on 27th

So I bailed on the Dakota Five-0. Third year in a row where I paid for the entry fee and pulled the plug the day before the scheduled departure. I've been trying to defend my decision to the homeboys ever since. Yes, it's sweet singletrack and a great race with plenty of great friends, but and this is a big but, it requires two full days in a car to get to and from the event. I've only got a three day weekend and don't want to spend two of those three days in a car. Twelve hundred miles in a car for 50 miles just doesn't add up.

Prairie singletrack at Branched Oak Area 7

Plus, I got a really bad case of amotivational race syndrome. Why? I have no idea, but maybe it's because it's the end of the summer and I'm shifting gears to cyclocross or maybe I'm just burnt out the travel. I've done a lot of traveling and racing this year and a weekend off with plenty of local riding sounds like a great idea. Besides, is racing really necessary to define one as a complete cyclist? Is racing the pinnacle of cycling achievement? I don't think so.

Jesse's patriotic photo

I really love riding my bike right now. Racing can be fun too, but riding is by far much more enjoyable. With the weather forecast to be absolutely beautiful here in Lincoln for the next three days it makes the decision much easier.

Coach and I were chatting about race burnout. He agreed if you're not feeling it, don't waste your time. You gotta have your head and heart into racing mode. If not, it just becomes like a job which kills the joy.

Coach and I hitting the Star City BMX track on the way back into town

So today we rolled out for some gravel, singletrack and BMX action. Fun times with plenty of great efforts on the gravel rollers mixed in with some techy mountain bike action. The BMX track was wicked too. Coach and I hit it five times and managed a 50 second run. I'm sure The Dark Knight can do it in half that.

Wrapping up the ride with a brownie and coffee from Cultiva

More fun planned for tomorrow. Bacon Ride! Then some more fun on Monday.


Ari said...

1200 miles for 50 miles of racing sounds kinda crazy. More local events should be the way to go. Good on you for saving all that fuel.

mw said...

great weekend of riding corey. thanks for hosting the starts!

RD said...

we missed you buddy, however it looked like you had a great weekend.

MG said...

While it was a fun race, it was certainly a lot of driving... You made the right call.