Saturday, August 28, 2010


Rollin' out on the Jamaica Trail

We had a great Saturday morning crew today. Thanks again for patiently waiting for the departure out of D Street. Yeah, when we say 7 AM that usually means 7:15 roll out. That's the way it is with a big crew of folks. There's always gonna be someone running a bit late. Usually it's Gersib, but today it was Malcolm. Maybe we should make the late person wear a jersey or helmet of shame decked out in annoying flare for the entire ride. That might motivate folks to get there on time. Or maybe we should set the ride times 15 minutes 6:45 AM. Then maybe we'll actually leave on time. But then again that would necessitate me getting my lazy arss out of bed 15 minutes earlier. Did I ever mention how I love having rides leave from my house...somehow I find a way to be late all the time too.

The Saturday Morning Road Ride crew meets up with the Saturday Morning Gravel posse

We rolled down to Cortland and coincidentally met up with the road crew. The gravel posse purchased some beers, sodas and candy bars while the road crew bought some Smart Waters, ate some gels, and reviewed their Powertap data. Kidding. Great seeing you guys!

PCL crew members up front on the Salsa rigs

For some reason Jeff and DK decided to hold hands the entire way home to Lincoln. Later on, during a pit stop they disappeared together in the trees for a bit and came back covered in dirt and grass. It was weird.

Next generation of gravel riders?

Ummm, yeah...probably not, but ya never know. Maybe they'll get inspired and try to join us someday.

Thanks again for the ride today everyone. Tomorrow is Bacon Ride action! 6 AM from the Mopac Trailhead.


RD said...

Powertap data that's funny stuff

NNs said...

i like dks new rig

Anonymous said...

that was supposed to be a super lame all salsa unity hand hold, but thanks for posting the gayer version.

MG said...

wow... that's some really, ahem, interesting stuff guys.