Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gravel Worlds Recon and Carnage

Morning fog on the eastern front during Saturday morning recon

Saturday recon crew on at the most northern part of the course

Sunday morning recon crew rolling out the Jamaica Trail

Homestead Trail carnage - heal up Malcolm and Troy!

Finished up the recon...the course is wicked!


mw said...

rode back thru the park. it was good. needs some overhanging stuff cut back however.

MG said...

sorry i missed you guys saturday morning. i just overslept. ended up having quite an adventure myself, after tracking you guys for about 70 miles through the northern part of the course.

i ended up losing your tracks at about mile 68 and getting lost and disoriented in northern lancaster county and actually ended up riding out of the county and into butler county, ending up in the town of dwight... ummm, yeah. that wasn't where i wanted to be.

anyway, all's well that ends well, and laura and i made it to our family picture on time at 4:30pm in humphrey. that's all we needed to do that day... really.

so what happened with troy and malcolm?

see you all soon,

MG said...

oh, btw... the course is f-ing aweseome!

Tim Ek said...

The way I'm feeling about the WEMS races right now, you may be seeing more of me in Nebraska next year. Hope that's cool.

Cornbread said...

MW, yeah the park needs some lovin'. We'll get to that after this weekend.

MG, missed ya this weekend. Good to hear you had a good ride. Except the Dwight deal. Sunday Malcolm and Troy went down hard on the Homestead Trail. It was ugly.

Eki, it'd be great to see more of you and the rest of the Minnesota crew next year. Maybe we'll see you this weekend?

Tim Ek said...

Would love to, but headin' to Madison, Wi again. This time for my wife's half marathon. Hopefully catch ya next year.