Friday, August 20, 2010

Gravel Worlds final prep

The final prep is almost complete. It's been a hectic week without much riding. I only got out for one ride this week and that just plain sucks. Definitely need a recharge after this weekend. The sacrifice has been worth it.

The beauty of an event such as the Gravel Worlds is it uses a surface that most cyclists wouldn't even consider riding let alone racing. Gravel and dirt roads are a unique cycling surface that gets back to the roots of cycling. Before pavement, dirt and gravel were all cyclists had. I feel very lucky to have such an abundance of gravel and dirt surrounding Lincoln and throughout the Midwest. Folks in other parts of the country don't have access to gravel and dirt like we do here.

Cyclists who haven't tried riding on gravel or ridden in a gravel event are missing a unique experience that can change their whole perspective on competitive cycling. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

All that we've poured into this event should be evident tomorrow morning and throughout the day. A lot of folks have gotten behind this event and all I can say is thank you. Without your help and contribution this event wouldn't be happening.

It's gonna be a great day on the gravel!

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Mike Johnson said...

Thanks for the hard work. It paid off, what a great course! I sure had fun and I suffered.