Saturday, July 10, 2010

You guessed it....Saturday!

Great to see this guy out on a's been too long. Nice to see ya back in the saddle, CVO.

Grindin' up a climb west of town

West Denton Wall - very steep gravel climb (part of Gravel Worlds)

Another crank crackin'...I know, I know...I need Shimano.

Wicked two track dirt road on the way to Crete...Bennett Road, I think

It was warm...even the cattle were lookin' to cool off

Kolace reward in Wilber...Czech Days are just around the corner!


Colorado Herbie said...

From Wilber but been in Denver for 25 years but man do I miss Kolace's and Czech Days!

Cornbread said...

Herbie, you need to make the trip back for Czech Days. We've got a group that riding from Lincoln each year.

MG said...

That was a good one, Cornbread. Thanks for the great ride Saturday, my friend.