Saturday, July 03, 2010


Beautiful day for a ride out to York and back

Following The Silver Bullet

Plenty of porta-potties along the way - yeah, I hit a couple of 'em

Not a road, but pretty damn sweet

Young fawn running along in the brush

Travel companions - Thanks fellas!

Endless flatness west of Pleasant Dale


paxtoncoyote said...

that's pretty sweet, I grew up 18 miles southwest of York & back then would have never thought to ride a bike to Lincoln & back, now I would though. where did you come out by York? North or south? My folks & brothers still live around there so I'm just reminiscing I guess, it definitly is flat back there though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the escort to York, the rest of the ride was good, it was cool to stay on the north side of I-80 for a change. Worked out for a quick stop in Aurora.

Cornbread said...

Hey Matt, we took A Street till it ended at Route 6 and then O Street. Somewhere before York (about 7 miles) we cross the I-80 and rolled into York on Road 10. Put us in right by Walmart and all the fast food places. Not a bad route. Really flat though.

Jeff, happy to accompany you for the trip out there. That was fun.