Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ponca Ride - The Fog

The Ponca Ride is a group ride, not a race. It's a bunch of friends going out for an all day adventure on some of the finest gravel roads in Eastern Nebraska. One hundred and fifty five miles from Lincoln to Ponca State Park. The mantra of this no-drop ride is to ride at a comfortable pace while enjoying the beauty of the gravel goodness with your buddies.

Every year we leave at 4 AM and depending on the wind/weather, flats/mechanicals, and pit stops usually roll in to Ponca State Park around 8 PM (give or take an hour). We camp that night and sometimes ride back to Lincoln the next day.

The Ponca Ride is one of the highlights of my year. I have a lot of great memories from these rides. This year the early morning fog was memorable. I've never ridden through fog like that. It was rad.

Sunrise illuminating the dense patches of low lying fog

The crew at the crest of a roller preparing to plunge back into a wall of moisture

Thick fog oozing out of the cornfields with riders barely visible ahead

By now we're sopping wet and ready for a regroup - clammy chamois for the next 135 miles!

Jim emerging from the saturated air into the sunrise

The fog's impact on the bike....

....and the body


paxtoncoyote said...

riding in fog is SWEET! my neighbor & I rode last year 4th of July in it at around 2 am with a full moon over head, we were riding side by side on gravel & could barely see half a block in front of us but could look up & see the full moon overhead, very surreal feeling.

then it cleared as we crested a big hill & we saw flashing lights coming from the other side of the hill & it was 2 deputies in the middle of a DUI arrest, we rather startled them as we rolled by ringing our bells, guess they wern't expecting to see crazy cyclists out at that time of night!

that night's memory will be with me forever & it was made on 2 wheels!

munsoned said...

Clammy Chamois would be an awesome band name!

One day when I get to ride more, I hope to join you guys in all the gravel adventures. But for now, thanks for posting great pics and reports so others can live vicariously through you.