Thursday, July 08, 2010

Looking forward to some of these rollers on the Ponca Ride next weekend

Big rollers up in northern Nebraska near Ponca

Ponca Ride is about a week away. The plan is to ride up to Ponca State Park (~155 miles with a majority on gravel and dirt) on Saturday with the ride leaving D Street at 4 AM sharp. Camp Saturday night. Ride back Sunday! Should be a fun weekend!


MG said...

I'll be there for the ride up. I'm volunteering for the Special Olympics in Lincoln on Sunday, so Laura is going to drive up to Ponca and pick me up so that I can be back down in Lincoln Sunday by noon for my duties at the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics.

I'm looking forward to it though!! I missed last year's 155, so it'll be good to be back in the saddle again.

So what's up for THIS weekend???

mw said...

I have the maps all to stay with my slow ass!