Monday, July 19, 2010


18 wheeler + 50 mph + gravel road = dusted

Thanks for slowing down, douchebag.


MG said...

no joke... great ridin' though. i can't believe you had the balls to snap a picture, as fast as that douchebag was going! wow! nice shootin' tex!

another successful ponca weekend in the books. good stuff...


paxtoncoyote said...

I had that happen several times to me the last week with wheat harvest in full swing out here. Most of them are custom harvesters from bum@#$% & are usually 19 year old kids driving them big, bad 18 wheelers & they're usually laughing & talking on the cb as they fly by, douchebags is putting it mildly!

Can't wait to see a full report on the Ponca ride, wish I had the kahonas to try that many miles in one weekend on backroads, not quite there yet!

Ari said...

I am so happy the word Douchebag has again gained such popularity.