Friday, July 02, 2010

Amotivational race syndrome

St. Sprochens - Prints available at Biiklops tonight!

I must be the laziest endurance cyclist ever. Well, lazy as in not wanting to race my bike right now. Riding sure is fun, but racing is not what I feel like doing on my weekends.

So I've decided to bail on the Marathon National Championship this weekend in Breckenridge. Why? Several reasons. One, I don't want to miss the Biiklops tonight at Screen Ink. Secondly, I don't want to spend 20 hours in a car for 5 or 6 hours of racing. That math just don't add up in my book. Third, the weather is gonna be beautiful in Lincoln! Why not get some long rides in right here in The Good Life. Finally, I'd like to hang out with some friends this weekend. Well, there you have it. I just felt the need to justify my absence at the race this weekend.

Some good news on the racing front! I got an email from the Laramie Enduro race promoter the other day. Several folks have dropped out since last month. Several folks have been given a slot including myself. Sweet! I love that place. I'll be out there at the beginning of August for another crack at the Laramie Enduro.

2009 Laramie Enduro

Who wants to ride Saturday morning? Jeff is riding to Grand Island and he would love to have some company. I'm planning on joining him for some of the trip. Probably ride to York, get some brunch, and ride back to Lincoln. Wind is forecast out of the south at a pretty good clip (15 to 20 mph). Cross wind all day. Probably leave around 7 AM from D Street. Gravel of course.


Joshua Stamper said...

Sweet! Glad you got into the LE. If you need a campsite to crash in ours is open. lemme know if you are game for a few days in crested butte afterwards.

Anonymous said...

And the good news is that we finally received the permit from the US Forest Service 33 weeks since we applied - better late than never... See you at the end 'o the month!

sbig said...

Awesome, CB. Maybe we can carpool ou there.

Cornbread said...

@ Josh - Yeah, count me in for Crested Butte. I may do a few things prior to heading there, but would love to head out for a day or two.

@ LaramieEnduro - Wow, that took awhile. Thanks again for the invite! I'm stoked!

@ Scott - Yeah, that'd be great, but I plan on staying in Colorado the following week. Got any vacation time? :)

sda said...

there's a bed here in FoCo for you if you are passing through before or after the enduro.

i didn't get in. personally, i think all past winners (hehem) should be gauranteed a spot. but hey, that's just me ;).