Saturday, June 26, 2010


First stop in Cortland

5 AM start from D Street then on to Cortland, Wilber, DeWitt, Beatrice, back to Cortland and then home. Got in well over a century with plenty of stops for local cuisine.

Rolling through the ghost town of DeWitt

Even with the heat and early start we still had a great crew this morning! Thanks for the ride everyone! We gotta do that more often.


Anonymous said...

Like tomorrow morning we go again!

jxw said...

Great ride. Wish I didn't have to break for home early like that. Scored a $1.69 40 of Milwalkees Best at Casey's before I left Beatrice. I think I dumped more water on my head and back than I drank on the way home. Probably be more like a 7am'r Sunday, then BMX racing with the kids.