Thursday, June 03, 2010

Heading off for the Flint Hills tomorrow

Bike - check.

This Saturday a large group of Nebraskans will take on the Dirty Kanza. Lincoln has well over ten representatives. Omaha has a few as well. Kearney, Nebraska is the home of the defending champion, Mike Marchand, who I'm sure will be putting the hurt on us Saturday. Go Nebraska!

The forecast is looking hot. Super hot. Highs for the day will be mid 90's with high humidity. Heat index will be around 100 degrees. Last year the heat index was in the mid 90's for part of the day which resulted in only 15 folks finishing the event out of the 85 who started. This year will most likely be more of the same. Hydration is key.

Bottles - check and check!

I plan on going with bottles. Lots of 'em. I'll be carrying three on the bike and one or two in my jersey pocket. No hydration pack. I'm not a big fan of the weight on my back.

Drinking early and often is prudent. Last year I got behind and never caught back up. Later in the day I was cooked and had to spend close to 90 minutes in a convenience store in Eskridge, KS rehydrating and cooling the core temperature down. If I get behind again this year, I plan on doing the same thing. Hide out in a cool place, force down fluids and cool off. Hopefully that will enable me to finish this beast.

Drop bag...ready for action.

The drop bag is ready to go with 10 tubes, two fresh tires, lube with rag, fresh kit, towel, food, electrolytes, sun block, contact lens, Pepto, Gas-X, lotion, night time illumination, extra patch kits and toilet paper. A few other things will most likely get thrown in there before the event.

On the bike I'll carry a Epic Ride Research Mountain Feedbag (with electrolytes and food), three bottles, three tubes, a CO2, pump, multitool, duct tape, pocket knife, compass, cell phone and cash.

Wish us luck! We're gonna need it.


t-nuts said...

ask CVO if we can borrow his B.O.B. trailer, that way we can bring the fire pit & the boom box:)

-kw said...

Did you get the payback tube I left in the front door?
Almost feels like I'm helping your DK mission, but not really. Thanks again for the loaner.
10 tubes in the drop bag?
Twenty bottles in the cooler?
Get crosseyed.

elisabeth said...

Good luck! Can't wait to hear a report -- hoping y'all get at least a little tailwind part of the day or something. Or Debe pushing... :)

Scott Kiddoo said...

Stay hydrated!
May the winds be light and the gravel kind!

CJ said...

Good Luck CB!!!

Sounds like you have your planning nailed down. Not that you need my advice, and even though it grosses some riders out (jb is one of them). I totally feel that V-8 Tomato Juice works well for keeping my E-lytes in good shape!

Again, good luck!!!

Lance Andre said...

Great ride! I think i rode like you did last year, spent 50 min at that store, thanks for the heads up on it, i may have called sag if i didnt know about it!