Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Recovery Sunday

Olive Creek Road in SW Lancaster County

Spent some time with some my homeboys on Sunday riding SW of Lincoln. The intent was a recovery ride after Saturday's Psycowpath race at Swanson. It may not have been the best recovery ride because Troy and I have a tendency to push each other a bit at times, but it was just what I needed. Thanks fellas!

Homeboys regrouping and taking a break on a bridge

I'm happy to report that the dirt and gravel roads surrounding Lincoln are in perfect shape. And on Sunday, the weather conditions were also perfect. I hope you got out this weekend and enjoyed the weather.

More Psycowpath fun this weekend at Platte River State Park for the Battle Royale hosted by Cycle Works/Moose's Tooth. Come on out and have some fun this weekend at Platte!


mw said...

really appreciate the regroup.

seems like i'll have a whole cycling career of needing a regroup.

Aaron G said...

Is Schmitty blown oats of the bridge again?

Cornbread said...

Matt, thanks for the ride on Sunday. Always fun ridin' with ya. BTW, I enjoyed that regroup cuz it gave me a chance to skip some rocks.

Aaron, seems like Schmitty is always blowin' something. Ha!