Saturday, May 29, 2010

Heat acclimation ride

Rollin' South on 38th Street

Great posse today for the ride. Rokke, Jesse, Scott Big, Schmidty, Shawn, Wills, Gersib, Fob, Bonsall, Troy, The Dark Knight and myself. Am I missing anyone?


By the time we left D Street the temperature was already starting to climb. The humidity was also up there. I was drenched after about 20 minutes of pedalin'. Forecast for the day was high 80's with relatively high humidity in the morning.

You can't stop the PCL

With Dirty Kanza up next weekend a heat acclimation ride was on the docket. Nothing too crazy because we wanna be fresh for next week, but there was talk of a gravel hundie.

Found a lot of dirt roads 30 miles Southeast of Lincoln

So we really didn't have much of a plan as far as destination. We headed out into the wind. About 30 miles into the ride I was running low on fluids and was gonna need a refill soon. We spotted a water tower that we thought was in the town of Unidilla, NE. Unfortunately, as we rolled closer to the water tower it became apparent that the tower was just a rogue water tower in the middle of nowhere. By now I've been out of fluids for 15 minutes. So we spotted another water tower that we thought must have been the town of Unidilla. We continued on. As we got close to the tower we realized that we had been duped again. Another rogue tower. Eventually we made it to Syracuse, NE. I was a bit dehydrated and grumpy by then.

Long stretch of MMR - C Road

RBC's - the Shell Station on 84th Street and Old Cheney still stocks 'em

Yeah, it was warm in the sun today

We finished up with around 85 miles. The heat really takes it out of ya. Hopefully the weather Gods will smile upon us next week for Kanza and give us partly cloudy skies with light wind and 75 degrees.

Bacon Ride tomorrow morning! First one of the year. Bring ten bucks for breakfast buffet!


mw said...

we had about 65. we headed north from the first rogue tower and headed into palmyra. sparks baby! see you in the am at the trailhead.

jxw said...

Good times after all. Had to motor that thing home today on the easy road. I don't know about you guys but I struggled all the way home, near bouts of cramps, but felt decent after a nap. Ended with 115 for the day. Schmidty's ears could have been itchin with how much I was cussin him as I wasn't getting the push home that I usually plan for. May see ya in the morn if I can get outa bed and decide that working home agansit the wind is a good idea.

JDOUG said...

Hey, you gravel grindin fools... I am registered for the dirty Kanza and am not going to be able to make it. Any of you guys want it?

I am on of the mtb fools down in st. Joe. Catch your blog from time to time, seems to be up your ally..

Just let me know if you guys know somone who wants it and I will let the dk folks know...