Friday, May 14, 2010

Heading off for the Almanzo 100

Starship Enterprise

The bike is finally back together after a couple of long and painful sessions in the bike stand. I'm no mechanic, but I try to do most of my own wrenching. I ended up finding a few broken or ruined parts. Gotta expect that after 18 hours of riding in the rain and mud at Trans Iowa. Luckily my buddy Tony at Cycle Works bailed me out by finding the parts that I needed at the shop. Thanks again Tony!

So the IF Planet Cross is ready to go just in time for the Almanzo 100 this weekend. Over 400 people are registered for this event. It could be a circus, but I suspect it will be one of the most fun bike events that I've ever participated in. Whenever you get that many people together on bicycles, good things are bound to happen. This will also be my first gravel ride in Minnesota. So I'm excited to check out the roads.

Don't worry, I'll get some pics. Have a great weekend everyone! See you next week.


Joshua Stamper said...

We are pretty bummed that we are not gonna be heading up there with you guys

EB said...

You & TK better do some damage!


jamesb said...

lucky! have fun!!

jxw said...

Have fun in the great white north aye. Hopefully you can find your way to the front of that mayhem. I just got back from a little 6hr jaunt down to Waubonsi in Iowa. 2 miles of Loese Hills.